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To invite sunlight and fresh air into the building, we removed the cover upon the old building and revealed the courtyard. The courtyard now is turned into a garden with lush greenery and booming flowers. However, it is prone to echos due to the structure. Thus, please keep your voice soft during your stay. In addition, there is an airbase nearby. Please don't be startled if you hear screeching sound across the sky. You might catch a glimpse of fighter jets in our courtyard by luck.  


Happy alone,Happy together

Whether you come here to be alone or gather with family and friends, we can be the place for you. We have many cozy spots to chill and chat. Various books laying on shelves to be read. A grand piano and a guitar awaits to be played. What's more, a well-equipped kitchen for you to make you own food. We put a lot of thoughts into the common area. Please keep the place nice and clean after use so that every one can continue to enjoy the space.


Hostel experience
at Norden Ruder, Taitung

Instead of shared rooms you normally find in hostels, all our rooms are private rooms with en-suite bathrooms. For budget travelers who enjoy not only networking but also a bit more privacy, we are the right fit for you. Our rooms are not fancy but provide basic essentials. In our hostel, you would see no TV. That's because we want to encourage travelers to spend more time exploring Taitung and connecting with others. Our hostel is renovated from an old building and we try to keep the original structure intact. The soundproofing might not be as satisfactory as a result. You might hear the dripping sound from old water pipes. Or you might hear the phone ring or people snore from next door through the thin partition wall. Without TV playing in the background, it might be easier for you to hear sound you might not notice otherwise. If you find the sound disturbing, please feel free to ask for earplugs at the front desk.